Confirming companies' training suitability

A training centre is suitable according to § 27 of the German Vocational Training Act (BBiG) if the skills, capabilities and knowledge can be taught in accordance with the Education Regulation, and the number of trainees is in proportion with the number of places or with the number of employed skilled workers. The training staff are suitable if their personal and professional requirements meet §§ 28 et seq. BBiG.
How does the process work?
The company makes an application for confirmation of training suitability. The application can be sent to the IHK by post, fax or email. Telephone contact is also a possibility. The professional training adviser responsible will make an appointment to check the training requirements on site.
They will provide extensive information about the legal framework of training and issue all necessary documents during this appointment.
What documents are required for the procedure?
  • Trainer card
  • Application for registration including the three professional training contracts
We have provided the forms for you.
What does the procedure cost?
There is no fee for confirming training suitability.
Legal basis:
- Vocational Training Act (BBiG)
- Ordinance on Trainer Aptitude (AEVO)
- Youth Worker Protection Act (JArbSchG)
- Training regulations