Registering training/retraining relationships in the directory and updating the directory

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) is the body responsible for establishing and maintaining a directory of professional training relationships for recognised skilled professions. The key contents of professional training contracts in accordance with § 34 para. 2 of the German Vocational Training Act (BBiG) are entered into the directory upon request. Registration must be carried out where the requirements under § 35 para. 1 BBiG are applicable. The procedures generally also apply to the submission of retraining contracts.
What is the procedure?
The training company must apply for entry in the directory immediately after concluding the professional training contract.
For this purpose, the company must send by post the application for registration, the contract transcripts, the subjects and timings of vocational training schedules and, for young people, the medical certificate of initial examination under § 32 para. 1 of the Youth Worker Protection Act (JArbSchG) to the IHK professional training adviser responsible for the profession.
Following registration, the documents submitted will be returned by post to the company. Prompt confirmation of registration will be issued. Should substantial content of the professional training contract under § 34 para. 2 BBiG (profession, training period) change, the IHK must be notified of this.
Companies that regularly provide training can also use the online professional training contract.
Which documents are required?
  • Application for registration of a professional training relationship professional
  • training contract
  • Amendment agreement
  • Presentation of the subjects and timings for the professional training schedule
  • For young people, the medical certificate regarding the initial examination under § 32 para. 1 JArbSchG
How long does the procedure take?
Registration is carried out periodically, or when registration conditions are met.
What does the procedure cost?
A fee is charged for the registration and administration of a professional training relationship. The amount of the fee is governed by the Schedule of Fees and is €90.00, or €180.00 for companies that are not members of the IHK.
Legal basis
  • Vocational Training Act (BBiG)
  • Ordinance on Trainer Aptitude (AEVO)
  • Youth Worker Protection Act (JArbSchG)
  • Training regulations
  • Federal Holidays Act (BUrlG)