Search for and find skilled workers

Scientific and technical progress, increasing international competition and demographic changes are posing new challenges for companies in terms of staffing. Here you’ll find a short, non-exhaustive overview of the many ways of procuring personnel.
The Federal Labour Office can provide free support in your search for professionals using the Job Board for Employers. This is where you can publicise your staffing requirements, submit open jobs and present your company. The employer hotline 0800 4 5555 20 is also free of charge (from German landlines).
Various portals are available for regional searches:
-       Chemnitz-zieht-an
Targeted Skilled Worker Communities are also suitable for use when looking for skilled workers. These communities provide paid consulting services specifically designed for certain groups of skilled workers.
Looking for:
-       IT technicians
-       Scientific and technical engineers and skilled workers 
-       Commercial professions .
-       Other sectors
You can also use national job boards such as Jobscout24, or when looking for skilled workers. You can find a list here.
Take the free online company check run by the New Quality of Work (Neue Qualität der Arbeit) initiative to analyse your company’s challenges and untapped potential.