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General information

Again and again we see foreign business partners requiring an invitation before they can obtain a visa from the German Embassy permitting them to enter Germany.
This invitation must specify the period of visitation. Each visitor must also have health insurance coverage for the duration of their stay. Invitations should only be issued to persons in whom you can presume to have a legitimate interest. Before inviting someone, you should always make enquiries about their company.
We advise that you formulate your invitation in accordance with the Foreign Office’s recommendations (see downloads). Embassies will also normally require confirmation of membership from the relevant Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) to be included with the invitation. This can be provided for a €5.00 fee.
The above information applies only to business visas. The Foreign Offices are solely responsible for private visits, even in the event of it being a business partner who is making a private visit. In this case, the IHK will not need to be involved.

Visas for Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany issued a press release stating that as of July 2013, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had an agreement in place with international specialised companies, permitting them to carry out the necessary measures to record biometric data (fingerprints and digital photos). People applying for entrance visas to the Kingdom, including pilgrims and umrah visitors, will now have their biometric data gathered before their visa is issued.
Companies providing this service include “VFS TasHeel International”, which operates centres in the Federal Republic of Germany. The new VFS TasHeel Centres replace the previous service agencies.
In Germany, centres are located in Berlin and Frankfurt:
  1. Jägerstrasse 41, 10117 Berlin
  2. Gutleutstrasse 80, 60329 Frankfurt
For further information, please visit the service’s website (in german), a link to which can be found in the panel next to this text.
Please note:
  • the Embassy advises that when applying for a business visa, the applicant’s profession should be listed in the company’s letter. This letter must, as always, be sent to the IHK for confirmation of the information provided.
  • The IHK cannot provide confirmation of entry onto the commercial register, and this is not required for visas. However, we can provide confirmation of membership free of charge upon request.